Year:  June 13th, 1959
Driver:   Car #46 (If you can identify the driver, please e-mail )
Photo Contributed by: Ken Boisvert Photo Credits: Ray Williams
The Back Story: 

This isn’t  just another Saturday night crash at Lebanon Valley, it was one in that it forever changed the complexion of the Speedway as we know it.  Back when the track opened, Lou Spanier and the crew had big tractor tires lining the inside of the speedway to mark off the tracks dimensions, like many speedway’s back then did (and some to this day still do).  The events that triggered this shot are this: The inside tractor tire was hit and became dislodged, rolling onto the track, where the poor sap in the #46 hit the gigantic tire and executed a series of nasty flips and barrel rolls, forcing track officials to once and for all pick up the unsafe hazards to make racing safer for all.  Well, safer than what it was before this night in 1959.


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