Year:  1970?
Driver:   Bill Salamacha
Photo Contributed by:  Bobby Ely Photo Credits:  Chuck Ely
The Back Story: 

A little about this #88 car.  The frame and running gear came from the 88 of "Moose" Carey's car, a 37 Ford coupe that ran Morris Speedway.


Bill bought it and ran it a few times, but it was too heavy for him.  They went to work and rebuilt it with a chevy body on it the frame, but kept the original 298 cu. In. power plant she had in her.  The last year of it's life he ran it with a 350 chevy powerplant in it.


It was then sold to Ralph Rastead, who ran with the Mid-State antique club, but the car was later destroyed.

Bill started out his career running a late-model at Mid-State around 1967 or so with a 1961 Ford big block.  First as a blue car and last as a gold car. He had a habit of dumping it in the first turn, and we nicknamed him A-Frame Billy”.


A warm LVC thanks to Rick Parry for the commentary on the #88 car he was hoping to find on LVC.



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