Top: August 1958

Second: August 1958

Third: September 1958

Fourth: May 1963

Fifth: 1969

Sixth: 1969

Driver:   Bill Armstrong
Photos Contributed by:  

Top: Bob Simpson

Second: Bob Simpson

Third: Bob Simpson

Fourth: Bob Simpson

Fifth: Bob Simpson

Sixth: Bob Simpson

Photos Credits: 

Top: Ray Williams

Second: Ray Williams

Third: Ray Williams

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth: Unknown

Sixth: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: The orange #4. Bill purchased this car at Hogan's Junk Yard. It was previously driven by Fuzzie Fosbie. Notice the announcer stand in the background. Hard to see but are those speakers hooked up to string and a soup can?

Second Photo: Three wide racing? Or was it a parade lap going into the first turn. I hope not racing, Bill was posing for the camera.

Third Photo: Bill meets Mr. Boiler plate. Was this immediately after the previous photo? The #4 on the jacket is Rick Armstrong, Bill Simpson has the hat and is touching the car, Bill Armstrong is the one with the jacket, no hat, and a look of unbelief. Charlie Woodard has the cap, glasses, coveralls and chain in his hand. The others we can not identify.

Fourth Photo: Bill in a #2 having the same lettering style as the Link Pettit #200 in the background. Bob said it was owned by friends of Link's from Great Barrington. Mac McDermott used the #2 for his cars and was from Great Barrington. Can anyone fill us in?

Fifth Photo: Bill with the Allen Dewey owned #9.

Sixth Photo: The top of Allen Dewey's head. The guy in the white T-shirt is Dave Lane and they fellow with the dark shirt and cigar is George Goewey, driver of the Lazy 1.

Thanks Bob for this great set of shots.

Additional Comments:  

Joe Grossetti  has added that the red #2 was part of the #200 stable. (See Link Pettit Page)


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