Year:  19?? and 1970 and 1960 something 1972 or 73, 1974
Driver:   Bob Gaskill
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Top Four Photos: Bobby Ely

Fifth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top Four Photo: Chuck Ely

Fifth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:
Top Photo is perhaps the beginning of the season or possibly a new mid-season replacement car, but sure looks like Bob didnít have anytime to get his usual sharp pink #6 lettered like the second photo where Bob enjoys the spoils of victory in this great Ely photo directly from Bob Elyís personal collection.  Bob competed at Lebanon until the late 70ís and last I knew, still regularly attends the track. Bob still has his successful "Bobís Camper and RV, Inc." business on Route 43 in Hancock Massachusetts.

Bob celebrates a win in the Limited Sportsman class and collects the hardware and paycheck for his evenings work.

Great color shot of one of thee most colorful cars at LV at the time.

Fifth Photo: Nice looking car of Bobís here.




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