Year:  Top 1987, Second Late 80's, Third 1986 Fourth 1993
Driver:   Brian Kerk
Contributed by:

Top Photo: Bob Simpson

Second: Anonymous

Third: Chalmitty B

Fourth: Chalmitty B

Photo Credits:   Bob Simpson

Second Photo: Wife of Anonymous

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

The Back Story: 

Top Photo:

Brian Kerk steering the Larry Filkins/Wayne Ouimet Ronnie’s cycle owned 80 sportsman car in the divisions first year of existence.  Brian was a former motorcycle racer who crossed over to the 4 wheeled machines at first in a Bob Chalmers owned 44 358 modified, posting some impressive runs as a rookie, I believe even finishing second in his first ever feature run.  But as usual, I could be wrong, but not too far off.

Brian had a lot of success running the Ronnie’s Cycle 80 in the sportsman division, coming very close to a points championship.

Second Photo:

Brian Kerk poses next to the Ronnies Cycle sportsman 80 car.

Third Photo: Brian Kerk aboard the potent and sharp looking Bob Chalmers Sr. #44.

Fourth Photo: Brian was our 99th Mystery Driver in our Mystery Driver of the week feature.  After nearly winning a sportsman championship in the Ronnies owned #80's in which most associate Brian with, he nailed down this deal.  Brian at the time was employed by Caffrey Ford in Gt. Barrington, MA, and convinced his bosses to sponsor a big block effort with this Olsen Eagle, but success was limited, and Brian left the Valley scene for good not not after this effort.


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