Year:  Top - 1984, Second - 1980, Third - 1980, Fourth - 1982 Fifth - 1977 Sixth 1980
Driver:   Buddy Palmer
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Brian Berger

Second: Hotrod

Third: Steve Lloyd

Fourth: John Gallant Jr.

Fifth Photo:  John Gallant Jr.

Sixth Photo: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top: Unknown

Second: Hotrod's 110

Third: Steve Lloyd

Fourth: John Gallant Jr.

Fifth Photo:  John Gallant Jr.

Sixth Photo: Faulkner Family

The Back Story: 

Top Photo:

The always exciting Buddy Palmer came into his own in the Big Block ranks after a very successful sportsman career by teaming up Gordon Sands for a few years.  Buddy scored two career valley wins, grabbing a victory in ’84 & ’85 in Sand’s “King’s Machine”, mocking the moniker of the cars owned by Marilyn Buanno that Maynard Forrette drove, the “Queen’s Machine”.  I have a feeling there’s more to that story than just that, if memory serves me correctly, I think there was a bit of a conflict between them, but that could have just been good old Uncle Art hyping the situation.


Second Photo:

My first year at Syracuse in the pits.  I took a bunch of shots of Valley guys I liked and cars I’d only seen in the pages of Gater and AARN on my awesome 110.  With a little push of the automatic button, look what I captured.

Buddy got that spot thanks to the multiple “Bayly, Martin and Faye” spots for inaugural 358 run at the mile that LV supported back then, since I think half that deal was Howie's to begin with.


Does anybody remember without looking up who won that 20 lap race in 1980?

Third Photo:

I’m really going to stick my neck out here and say this is Buddy Palmer aboard the Gordon Sands #32 in this picture.  I have 0.0 doubt though that that is Harry Behrent in the #3. 

I’m thinking this is 1980, maybe even 1981, because of the “aerodynamic” hood on Behrents car brought on by the “Batmobile”.  2 reasons I say this is because I don’t see an Ottomobile anywhere on the 32, and if it is ’81, Larkin had already moved to the Williams #44.

Let the debates begin.

Fourth Photo: Pretty sleek looking Sands Lavoy #32.  By the lettering, looks to be an Alberti chassis.

Fifth Photo:  I’m guessing this was the first car for Buddy Palmer?


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