Year:  Early 70's
Driver:   Corky Cookman
Photo Contributed by: Joe and Leslie Friscia Photo Credits: Unknown (looks like Ely photo)
The Back Story:

Asphalt regular Corky Cookman in his famous #04ís tries his luck on the high banks of LV for what Iím sure was a special show, perhaps the LV 200 or an Sunday open show.

Corky was a strong runner with the NASCAR modifieds, but might be most remembered for the night he was involved in a horrible accident at Stafford Motor Speedway when his car went into the grandstands coming out of turn 4.,3444346.

Luckily, nobody was killed.

Sadly, just a few years later, Corky was involved in a fatal crash of his own at Thompson International Speedway on July 19th, 1987, at a time when a number of NASCAR modified drivers were killed at an alarming rate in the late to mid 90ís before NASCAR mandated some much needed rules to make the low slung modifieds safer.


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