Year:  (see below)
Driver/Owner:   Dale Weeks
Photos Contributed by:   The Weeks Family Photo Credits:  Tom Corellis photo by Ted White. All other by the Weeks Family
The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Dale's first entry in the early 70's. The Limited Sportsman yellow 86 trailered up and ready to go.

Second Photo: There’s a lot of story behind this groovy square zero car.  The car is the former Dave Pelczar #54 couple (see Dave's Page)  that Dale purchased to race at Lebanon Valley.  Dale intended to run in the Sportsman division with her, but the engine was set to far back, and the officials deemed he had to run with the mighty modifieds.  Early on, Dale had a run in with Jimmy Langenback, with the end result Dale hard into the boiler plate.  After a Ambulance trip and getting his bell rung, Dale decided he was going to be an owner.  He tried to get the services of Russ Blake to run the car at the Race of Kings, but Russ couldn’t, so he hired another Western Mass Shoe, the late Dave Roberts to handle the task.  No word on how that all worked out.

Third Photo: This 1978 entry was piloted by Larry Southard, who drove for Dale for several years.

Fourth and Fifth Photos: Same car. Dale's 1979 entry was also piloted by Larry Southard. Dale purchased the car from Mark Fluery who had purchased it from Tom Corellis. First the #1, then the #52 and then the #85 Weeks entry.

Sixth Photo: Dale is pictured here in 1989 looking "Ready to Rumblllllllllle", cannonball style.

Seventh Photo: Dale leading the pack in 1990.

Eighth Photo: Dale's very sharp looking ride in 1991.

Ninth Photo: Gotta love the Corvair Bodied car and the bubble shield, both were great looks.

Dale said this was Race of Kings weekend, and while sometimes Keith Palmer drove it, this is Dale in the car on Saturday, a day in which they didn’t qualify the Steve “RaggsRichmond owned Zero.

Steve figured they’d quit while they were ahead, and not try to qualify the car on Sunday, but Dale brought it over anyway, and proceeded to destroy it while attempting to get her in the 1973 or 1974 show.

What did Steve know anyway?

Dale competed at Lebanon Valley Speedway as a driver or owner off and on for nearly 20 years . He competed in the Limited Sportsman, Sportsman and even the Modified division for a couple of races. Dale enjoyed entering the crazy cannonball races and even entered Demolition Derby's a few times. A true supporter of Howie Commander and the Lebanon Valley Schedule.

Dale is still involved with racing at Whip City Speedway in Westfield MA. He and his son in law, Kurt Irish, maintain and operate three go-karts for Dale's grand kids at Whip City

Ryan and Dylan Irish, and Mike Hauser compete weekly at Whip City Speedway. They are finding it difficult to have enough room to showcase the many trophys  they have collected thus far. They are not finding it difficult to get to the front each week. Very talented kids and a true racing family.


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