Year:  1970? 1970 warmups
Driver:   Danny Sanchez
Contributed by: Bobby Ely Photo Credits:   Chuck Ely Photos
The Back Story:

Mystery Driver # 32

Great shot of Danny Sanchez, who along with his brother Tommy is part of one of the biggest families in our section of Northeast racers.The Sanchez family have been great supporters of Lebanon Valley for decades, along with their brother in laws Les Alberti, and Mark Fluery.

Today, Dannyís son Danny competes in the LV sportsman division.It actually seems difficult to pick a time when any member of the Sanchez family hasnít been competing at Lebanon Valley.

Second: No Leaves on the trees, and if you look closely, the Casper #2 Chuck Ely mini-stock hasnít been painted yet, a sure sign this is the shakedown day before the regular LV season gets started.



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