Year:  1959
Driver:   Dennis “The Menace” Proper (says so on the door)
Photo Contributed by:  LVC Fan Photo Credits:  Ray Williams
The Back Story: 


Additional Comments:  

No reason you should let a 30 lap modified feature interfere with ya having a smoke.  Another driver from “Back in the Day” a top runner, the pilot of this car was Dennis Proper out of Athens N.Y.  Dennis went from the dirt to asphalt, in the so called sedan division.  Dennis went on to win a lot of races at Pine Bowl and Empire raceway (Menands), where he presumably “smoked” the field.

 I wonder if we can convince Howie to give out a season pass to the first person who can correctly identify the driver of the 02 in the 2nd picture.  Yeah, we doubt it too.




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