Year:  1999, 2000
Driver:   Denny Raspuzzi
Photo Contributed by:  Michael & Mark Raspuzzi Photo Credits:  Steve Daniels
The Back Story: 

Most will recognize the gentleman in these pictures as the man responsible for sending more drivers to victory lane than we will ever remember with his high powered Denny’s race engines.  We are talking of course of Valley legend Denny Raspuzzi, who built the winning engines in every division that competed at Lebanon Valley, from the street stock division, to the 70’s & 80s sportsman/358 modifieds/LV sportsman and the Modified division.


Here Denny is seen doing what he loved most, overseeing the powerplant in the Dickie Larkin wheeled/Madsen owned #29 Teo Car.  I imagine Dickie was considered one of Denny’s best friends as they both had high admiration for each other.  Denny loved to help out many competitors at the Speedway he loved most, LV, quite often doing so on the “QT”.

Sadly, shortly hereafter this picture was taken, Denny passed away from an illness back in Early 2001.

Michael sent in an interesting article from a 1978 Berkshire Sampler mostly about Denny.

We broke it up into three pages. Enjoy.              Page 1          Page 2          Page 3


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