Year:  1974, ?, 1975 and Mid 80's 1975 Mid 70ís
Driver:   Denny Soltis
Photo Contributed by: 

Top: Krusj

Second: Charlie Parise

Third: Bobby Ely

Fourth:  Joe & Leslie Friscia

Fifth: Steve Lloyd

Sixth: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top: Ely Photo

Second: Unknown

Third: Ely Photos

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth: Steve Lloyd

Sixth: Unknown

The Back Story:

Denny Soltis poses next to the Vega Station Wagon Gary McNamee #72.Some of the cars we laugh at on the road made some ultra cool race car bodies back in the 70ís.Whoíd ever thunk a Vega, Vega wagon, Gremlin, even, (Gulp) an AMC pacer could make us pine for the good old days?

Of note in the picture, you can see two of the Stanley Wetmore #73ís, the coach and a coupe.

Second: Great looking coach from early in Dennyís career, out of his Torrington CT shop.

Third: Iím pretty sure Bobby Ely informed me that was Denny Soltisís very first win at Lebanon Valley Speedway, marking the date this picture was taken at as July 12th, 1975.

Fourth: Modified star Denny Soltis had a fever, and the only prescription was Sprint Car Racing!Denny ventured out to an area that only few have ever wished/had the onions to try, and that is tackling the lightweight, high powered World of Outlaws sprinters.

Fifth and Sixth: Am I missing something here, did Denny Soltis ever win a Schaefer Qualifier?Was He a guaranteed starter one year?I should know this, but I donít.Either way, here is 2 photos of Denny celebrating something with a hot Schaefer babe and equally impressive Schaefer trophy.

Seventh: Denny Soltis strikes a pose inside his familiar 0

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