Year:  19??, 1973? Early 60's???, 1971
Driver:   Dexter Dorr
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Bobby Ely

Second: Charlie Parise

Third: Bobby Ely

Fourth: Aintgotime4this


Photo Credits:  

Top: Chuck Ely

Second: Unknown

Third: Chuck Ely

Fourth: Hertica Photo

The Back Story:

Top Photo: Dexter was an LV Icon, and always had immaculate equipment.  His 44ís were well known throughout the Northeast, and later was an impeccable craftsman of Dirt Modified Chassis.

Dexter came out of turn 4 in the lead at Lebanon 7 times in his career, from his first win in 1967 to his final win in late 1972.   He made many more trips into victory lane as a car builder into the 80ís & 90ís with his chassis designs until his untimely death in the early 90ís.


And who could ever forget his end over end flip at Syracuse in 1976, after He built the car He was driving, and was going to sell to Canadian Ovide Dorian?

Second Photo: Dexter at Syracuse tossing it through 3 & 4 aboard his own #44 creation.

Quite possibly this isnít the same #44, but one has to wonder if this is the same car/year that Dexter built a machine for Canadian Star Ovide Dorian.Deal was, from what I understand, that after Syracuse, Ovide was going to take ownership of it,but Dexter had something go wrong with her entering turn 3, and the end result was Dexter executing a few endoís in Dorianís new car.

Third Photo: I will always associate Dexter with his sleek, handcrafted #44ís, but Dex also turn a few turns around the Valley in this car.A car that features my personal hero Wil E. Coyote either chomping on a stogie or a huge rolled cigarette that grows on the ďother side of the fenceĒ

Fourth Photo: Dexter ready to wheel the Hoffman #123, cars that so many great drivers have gotten behind the wheel of through the years.


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