Year:  19? Tenth and Eleventh 1990 Twelfth 1973 or 74 Thirteenth 1973 Fourteenth 1978 Fifteenth 1986, Sixteenth 1980 Seventeenth 1980 Eighteenth 1977
Driver:   Dickie Larkin

Photo Contributed by:  


Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Brian Berger

Third Photo: Brian Berger

Fourth Photo: LV Vault.

Fifth Photo: Brian Berger

Sixth Photo: Mark Labrum

Seventh Photo: Krusj

Eighth Photo: Jim Halpin

Ninth Photo: Doug Olds

Tenth Photo: Hot Rod and Photography Studioís Emporium, Inc

Eleventh Photo: Hot Rod and Photography Studioís Emporium, Inc

Twelfth Photo: Charlie Parise

Thirteenth Photo:  Arnie Ainsworth

Fourteenth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Fifteenth Photo: BC Designs

Sixteenth: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Seventeenth: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Eighteenth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

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Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: John Libby

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Unknown

Sixth Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

Seventh Photo: Unknown

Eighth Photo: Jim Halpin

Ninth Photo: Doug Olds

Tenth Photo: The Hot Rod

Eleventh Photo: The Hot Rod

Twelfth Photo: Jane Parise

Thirteenth Photo: Larkin Family Photo

Fourteenth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Fifteenth Photo: BC Designs

Sixteenth: Unknown

Seventeenth: Faulkner Family

Eighteenth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:


Top Photo:

Dickie Larkin with an early version of his famous #39, along with one crew member who looks like he means business.


Second Photo:

A very unique #39 Ford Falcon chick.


Third Photo:



Fourth Photo:

Dickie Larkin was the shoe of the McDermott owned 2 in the mid to late 70ís.  Great looking car that really brings back some good memories.  If Iím wrong, correct me, but I believe Macís granddaughter is racing the 2M in the pure stock division these days. In fact at Lebanon Valley and Glen Ridge Speedway.


Fifth Photo:

Dickie drove the Bruce Berger owned 606 when he was just a pup.

The Falcon came from the Martin Fruscienti  Auto Salvage in Peru MA. Martin's nephew Joe Frusciente worked with Bruce, Ted White, Jim Depolazzo and Rabbit (?) This car was built on Newell Street in Pittsfield at Depolazzo's. The young Dickie Larkin reported that the gas pedal seem to have something restricting it's travel. The team investigated the situation to discover it was the floor.

He was pushing so hard he had dented the floor.

Thanks for the story Ted.


Sixth Photo:

Another great shot of Dickie Larkin celebrating a victory aboard the Bicknell chassis, Peter Rathbun owned 99.Dickie rode this victory to the 1990 big block title, his first ever.


Seventh Photo:

Did Dickie Larkin ever have bad looking equipment?The 5th all time winning driver at Lebanon Valley shows off this beautiful Vega station wagon piece in 1974. Early in his racing career.


Eighth Photo:

Hereís another beauty Jim and his Color Tricks operation lettered in 1988, the always immaculate and potent Dave Rathbun owned #99ís, in a shot taken at long time sponsor Pine Plainís Auto Body shop.


Ninth Photo: Back in the late 80ís and into the early 90ís, Howie Commander was able to lure Winston Cup standout and true grassroots racer Ken Schrader to the high banks of Lebanon Valley to display his raw talents on a dirt surface.Ken first hooked up with Mark Fluery in his back-up Folgers #25 car, pretty convenient, since all Mark had to do was reverse his own #52.Schrader was impressive from the first laps on in the foreign car, and was competitive, running in the top all night long if memory serves me correctly.

Kenny really got the hang of the Northeast dirt mods by the time he stepped into the Budweiser Rathbun #99 in 1990, which was pretty convenient, since that was Kennyís WC sponsor at the time.† ††Kenny ran in the top 5 all night (again if memory serves me correctly) proving he wasnít there to just sign autographs and run some 8 lap exhibition race, the man was there to RACE!

Kenny Schrader went on to record one D.I.R.T. win, albeit on the D.I.R.T. asphalt series, at Sanair speedway in 1989, in a Billy Decker red Baron pizza #91.

Tenth Photo: Best looking equipment at the mile that year?It gets my vote, as Dickie warms up the Rathbun big block on the moody mile.

Eleventh Photo: Dickie and crew push the beautiful Bud Light Rathbun small block through DIRTís treacherous inspection line.The inspection could sometimes be hairier than going three wide into turn three at the Ďcuse.

Looks to me like Steve Nowakowski standing behind the Village Variety #99.

Twelfth Photo: Outside looking in shot of the too cool #39 Vega wagon.

Thirteenth Photo: Always in beautiful cars, fast and top of the line, Dickie Larkin found himself aboard this sleek Falcon Bodied Sportsman car Circa 1973.

Fourteenth Photo: This has to be late 70ís, as the spectator division car #10 is in the infield, and I donít think they really started until 77 or 78.However, I do really like this shot of Dickie and the ultra fast Falcon ripping off of turn 4 as the usual full stands on a Sat night find their way to their seats for another great night of racing at the Valley of Speed.

Fifteenth Photo: Picture looks to be from some mid week practice action.Sad, because I donít they get that many people in the stands for their big event now.

Sixteenth: Dickie gets a little help from his crew to get the Ford Falcon #39 in position to run his heat for the 1980 Race of Kings.

I see two street stocks on the track, #39 is Bob Saddlemire, and looks like the #112 of Dave Baranowski behind him.

Eighteenth Photo: Not sure of the story behind Dickie Wheeling this car, can any LVC regulars help us out?



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