Year:  Top Three, 1963 Bottom, 1961
Driver:   Don Rounds
Photos Contributed by:  

Top Three: Don Rounds Jr.

Bottom: Janice Rounds

Photo Credits:  

Top Three: Lou Kelly

Bottom: Unknown

The Back Story:


In the top Photo, Thatís my Grandfather, My Father  and My Uncle. My grandfather and my uncle owned the car and my dad drove it.

This car was built in 1950 and was raced through the 1963 season.He was a regular at LV from 1959 until 1963, and then still went there for the open comp races. He told me they built a new 101 ( over head engine ) for 1964 . He said the first time out at L V in 1964 he finished 3rd behind Frankie Schnieder and someone else, but the driverís name slips Me.After that My father said my uncle and grandfather did something to the engine and it was never really right again.They ran it on and off through 1966 and brought the car out one last time in 1972 at Lakeville Speedway in Massachusetts.There, the Engine blew and never & the car never raced again. He did drive it as the pace car at LV  in 1999; I believe not sure of the year.

The car is now owned by Mel Ogden of Midstate Antique Stock Car Club.As far as I know the car is still all original, I have a couple of pictures I'll send later. My dad was inducted into the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame in 2001, and the picture on the background of his plaque is of him taking a victory lap at LV of his only feature win there in May of 1961. 

All pics were taken by Lou Kelly a good friend of my dad.

                                                                                                               Thanks Don Jr

Bottom Photo: Don Rounds circles the high banks after capturing the evenings main event back in May 1961.



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