Year:  Old, like black and white old, before LV old!

Second Photo: Aug. 30th, 1958

Driver:   Top Photo is Charlie Morse second is unknown but the #467 is out of Ed Winnís shop.
Photo Contributed by:

Top: Denny Young

Second: Ken Boisvert

Photo Credits:

Top: McDowell

Second: Ray Williams

The Back Story:

Top Photo:

After seeing the picture of the Ed Winn owned #467 previously on LVC, the second photo, Denny Young sent in another picture of the Winn owned #467ís.This one is piloted by Dennyís uncle, Charlie Morse.

According to Denny, this photo predates LV, and was most likely taken at Stateline Race track, where the duo had pretty moderate success.

Second Photo: The #467 out of the Ed Winn shop in Williamstown, MA will be in need of a little work after an unknown driver plays with, and loses the battle with Valley boards.Sounds funny saying that instead of the boiler plate, but thatís the way she was built back in the early years.

In the following years, there was another car out of this shop in Williamstown that many may be more familiar with, the Ed Winn wrenched ďYĒ a car that would leapfrog the career of a young kid named Butch Jelley and make him a household name.

Ed was always a highly respected in racing circles for his vast knowledge of mechanics, especially with racing fuels.


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