Year:  Top 1968 Second 1974 Third 1973 or 74 Fourth 1984
Driver:   Eddie Delmolino
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Hotrod

Third Photo: Charlie Parise

Fourth Photo: Andy Skumin

Fifth: John Gallant Jr

Photo Credits:  

Top: Ely Photos

Second: Hotrod's Mom

Third: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Andy Skumin

Fifth: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top: Baby faced Eddie Delmolino in his short stint with the Joe Williams 40

Second: Taking a break from working on the Austin Dickermann 357. This is really the essence of what we want the LVC website to embrace, more than just the winners, or pictures of the cars on the track, (though we really do dig that) but the little stories behind the stories.  Like this shot of Eddie Delmolino, wearing the efforts of maintaining a modified so we all could enjoy their efforts every Saturday night. One night my parents stopped by to say Hi.

Third: Eddie with the Dickermann #357

We encourage all visitors to supply their favorite pics to share, maybe You were an owner driver of an Amatuer car back in í78 that raced sparingly, or wrenched for a big winner.  We want to celebrate the wide range of characters who competed at LV and all the little back stories behind every picture that everybody who visits this site has to share.

If itís LV related, we want your pictures and your stories.

This is what I believe was Eddie Delmolino's last car. This picture was taken by me in 1984 at the Racearama Show in Springfield.

Andy S.

Fifth: The Bahre #24 was always a contender and well prepared.Here Eddie Delmolino poses next to the potent modified.

Additional Comments:  Thanks Mom


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