Year:  Early 80’s
Driver:   Eddie Haenelt
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Brian Berger

Second Photo: Andy Skumin

Photo Credits: 

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Who remembers what all the rage was when Eddie Haenelt called the Valley his home in 1983?  If you answered the sea of black Eddie Haenelt racing tee’s, you’d be correct.  It seems as if everybody had one.  Eddie chalked up three wins at Lebanon, along with a curious Rookie of the Year title after wheeling modified’s at the hard clay before being a LV transplant.  Eddie might also be most remembered for championing the cause of, and running the Buick V-6 racing engines that made the strangest sound out of a race car since the advent of the mini-stocks.

Sadly, at the young age of 51, Eddie was killed while riding his snowmobile just this past winter (2009).

You weren’t anybody back in 1982 if you didn’t have a black Eddie Haenelt 11e T-shirt on your back at LV.  The newcomer from Orange County had one of the most popular t-shirts ever at LV, and was a top runner to boot.  Eddie was a unique competitor on many levels, as his number, as rumor has it, was derived from then sponsor “Nevele” (forgot what it was, was it like a Pocono’s type resort?) pronounced backwards, hence the Eleven E.  Eddie also experimented somewhat successfully with a Buick V-6 358 mod, deriving one of the most unique sounds out a present type modified.



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