Year:  1978
Driver:   Elmer Fudd
Photo Contributed by:  Anonymous Photo Credits:  Who cares.
The Back Story: 

Mystery Driver #15

This photo was sent to us doesn't really matter.

On this Saturday night, Elmer finish so far back that Paul Roberts had to come back to the track, turn the lights back on, and let Elmer and the crew out.

They certainly were a cwazy bunch. No one would pit near them. They ran around the pits, hitting each other with large wooden mallets and would occasionally shoot at each other. The rules don't allow that. Tire irons maybe, but no shooting.

Howie had offered Elmer a guaranteed starting position and $100 if they would traveled to LV to fill the field. After a night of total chaos, Howie requested that Elmer load up the car and crew and never freakin' come back.

Elmer went on in wacing by changing his name and number. He would eventually get into to the NASCAR Cup Series where his driving style would blend in nicely.

Elmer now goes by the name of 'Kyle Busch'. The same chaos, just a different name.



Additional Comments:  

This was brought on by the many who continue to think Elmer is our Mystery Driver most weeks. Only one got it right though. Russ Blake.

Arnie Ainsworth who gets it right almost every week, got it wrong......Mr. Pennzoil?????????????


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