Year:  2009
Driver:   Frank Hager
Photos Contributed by:   Frank Hager Photo Credits:    Frank Hager
The Back Story: 

I made a collage of some photo’s that Frank Hager was kind enough to send along.  I will quote some of Franks comments on these pictures to explain what He is up to these days.

I moved to Greenville, South Carolina in February 1977 to work for Michelin Tire Corporation.  I retired five years ago after 27 years of service.  I had some pretty neat assignments.  I worked 10 years as a test driver, doing some of that crazy stuff ya' see on TV.  My last eight years I was in the racing group as a tire representative for BFGoodrich.  I did SCCA touring events, drag racing and some local stuff.  My last four years was pretty much devoted to being at and supervising the tire operation at ASA National Series events.

I continue to race in some vintage events in the Carolina and Georgia area.  I have two Troyer DIRT cars.  One I purchased complete, including trailer.  It was a owned by Mesick and CD Coville drove it. I also have a Troyer asphalt car that was run in the Featherlight Series by Johnny Bush.

The car I race right now is a '36 Chevy coupe that was a real old race car from outta' Virginia.  I've done some upgrades.  I also ran a '40 Ford coupe with a Ford 406 FE engine for a while.  I blew it up and am building a new engine for it.

Oh yeah, I also have an Offy Kurtis-Kraft midget with some REAL GOOD history.  It's the car that helped launch Mario Andretti's career.  It was nick-named the 3n'1 car after Mario won three feature races in one day on Labor Day weekend 1963.  I bought that car back in 1988.

Frank Hager 

                                       Frank Group 1             Frank at Fonda

Additional Comments:  

Thanks a boat load for all the info Frank. We here at LVC are inspired by the Men who labored hard on their machines and all the stories that go along with the trial and tribulations of competing back in the day.  We would especially love to hear from many more who raced in any capacity at the area race tracks, and love to get updates as to what’s been going on lately.

Thanks, Hot Rod



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