Year:  19??
Driver:   Frankie Schneider


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Top Photo: Ron Carr

Second Photo: Hotrod

Third Photo: Big Pete

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Top Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Mike Traverse

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Frankie Schneider Hero Card, misspelled. I wonder how many were printed.

Not much is known about the other two photos so, if anyone can give us any addition info, it would be appreciated.

Frankie was a regular at Lebanon Valley Speedway's open competitions each year after he was convinced to come to the Valley and compete. Frankie was equipped with big block motors while the Valley regulars were sportsman small block competitors. Frankie won many of the early open competitions until Will Cagle and several others started to compete and evened up the odds. Frankie was friends with Warney Carr and when Frankie came for special races, Frankie kept his car on Cloverdale Street in Pittsfield at Ozzie Phillips garage where Warney's car was garaged.

*Frankie began his career in 1947 by winning $70 for driving his street car to a seventh place at Flemington Speedway. Frankie is believed to have won at least 750 races in the next thirty years. He routinely raced in several classes at eight races per week. He reportedly scored at least 100 wins again in 1958. Frankie won the Langhorne National Open, the country's top event for Sportsman and Modified racers, in 1954 and 1962. He scored his last feature win in 1977 at the 1/2-mile dirt track Nazareth Speedway. He has competed in almost all 50 states as well as other countries. He still occasionally races at Orange County Fair in a Modified.  He was recently voted driver of the century by Area Auto Racing News.

Frankie's career is the subject of the video "The Old Master: Frankie Schneider".


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