Year:  1988 and 1990 1976, 1976 August 1976, 1980? Mid 70's, 1980
Driver:   Garry Waters
Photo Contributed by:

Top Photo: LVC Vault

Second Photo: Steve Fififield

Third Photo: Tim Mooney

Fourth Photo: Tim Mooney

Fifth Photo: Tim Mooney

Sixth Photo: Mitch Lester

Seventh Photo: Steve Lloyd

Eighth Photo: John Gallant Jr

Ninth Photo: John Gallant Jr

Tenth: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: LV Concessions

Second Photo: Unknown

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Unknown

Sixth Photo: Unknown

Seventh Photo: Steve Lloyd

Eighth Photo: Unknown

Ninth Photo: Unknown

Tenth: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: The one you never forget, Garry Waters finally brought home the family owned, Tom Thomas sponsored 3jr. into victory lane at Lebanon for the very first time, on August 25th, 1984.  The win was by means no cakewalk, as a young and determined Kenny Tremont pressured him nearly the whole way, but Waters was not to be denied on this night for the popular victory.

Garry is still very active at LV, doing countless machine work, Transmission repairs, Maintenance and Engine Building for the Capital Area racers.

Second Photo: Garry next to the Thom Thomas racers 3jr.

Third Photo: Interesting newspaper clipping sent in from Waters family friend Tim Mooney from 1976.

Fourth Photo: The familiar Mama’s Mink 3Jr. , a moniker that came about when Garry’s father Ed, a legend in his own right, owned cars in the 60’s with Jim Hasson as his pilot.

Fifth Photo: The unique looking body on this George Grant owned #33 was purchased from John Wood, and must have been good enough to get Garry Waters the win in the Sportsman division.  This was Garry’s first win of any kind, and rumor has it the team may have partied a little the following week.

Sixth Photo: A real sharp looking Ron Puckett owned #711, currently steered by Garry Waters. 

Mike Visconti had this to add to the photo, “My father came into possession of this car after it got wrecked, he clipped the front and sold it to Steve Coolidge who raced it for a while, I think he even ended up in the infield pond one night with it.

The Pucketts spent quite a few years in the 90’s and into the 00’s fielding sportsman racers numbered the family #711with son Scott handling the driving duties, and from what I remember, they were a very nice family.

Seventh Photo: A teenage Garry Waters turns some laps aboard the Mama’s Mink #3jr. 

Eighth Photo: A very young Garry Waters posing next to the family owned #30.

Ninth Photo: We have a lot of Pics of Garry up, but I like what’s going on in the background.  We can see another Waters race car, I think it was #33, but I don’t remember who drove it, and I can’t make out the name on the roof.  We also have Pete Mendhelson in his Mini, Walt Mordenti, and a couple of cars on the track with 2 laps down.

After looking at the picture closer, I think it says “Garry Waters” on the roof of the car, so maybe he had a BB and a small block?  Didn’t a guy named Dick Duso drive a Waters #33???

Tenth Photo: Larry reached out to his Aunt for a few awesome photo’s from what He believes is the 1980 Race of Kings.  Here Garry Waters puts the hardware on to get ready to do battle on the Highbanks.


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