Year:  Early 70's, 1960-something
Driver:   Gary Granger
Photos Contributed by:  Bobby Ely Photos Credit:  Chuck Ely
The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Gary Granger hailed from the tiny hamlet of Worthington MA.  Gary raced at the Valley for a number of years in the late model sportsman division in the late 60’s and early 70’s driving a #129 ’56 Chevy that was nicknamed “Half Fast”.

After the high banks, Gary turned his attention to truck pulling, winning big traveling all over the East Coast in various competitions.  He was a part of a group called the “Hill Town Pullers”, the club coined the phrase since Worthington and the adjacent towns involved were amongst the clouds in Western Mass.  Pretty clever of them, Eh?

Second Photo: A few weeks back, we had Gary Granger as a MD, and after the sharp LVC crowd filled me in with who he was, up pops another picture of Gary.  This picture proves that Gary was indeed a strong runner, scoring a victory in the limited sportsman class against some of the days best.


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