Year:  1988
Driver:   Gary Silkey
Photo Contributed by:   Hotrod Photo Credits:   Hotrod's Family
The Back Story:

No small block SS driver out of Otis MA had more success than Gary Silkey.For that matter, not many small block street stock competitors had as much success on the high banks as Gary did back in the 80ís.Powered by Denny Raspuzzi motors, a rarity to have professional built motors for that division back then, and an understanding to take a stock frame to the next level suspension wise, equaled many victories for the humble Silkey.

The talented Silkey moved up with partner Rick Hawley in 1989 to the newly formed sportsman division, and recorded a win in his rookie year in May of 1989.Quite an accomplishment for the duo that early in their open wheel career.

Gary retired soon after, and Hawley went on to support LV veteran Jimmy Langenback in the DIRT legal SS division.


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