Year:  197? August 1986, August 1986, August 1986, 70's, 70's, 1980
Driver:   Anthony "Goober" Scheidel

Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Bobby Ely

Second Photo: Dickie McKie

Third Photo: Dickie McKie

Fourth Photo: Dickie McKie

Fifth Photo: Dickie McKie

Sixth Photo: Dickie McKie

Seventh Photo: Dickie McKie


Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Ely Photos

Second Photo: McKie family & Friends

Third Photo: McKie family & Friends

Fourth Photo: McKie family & Friends

Fifth Photo: McKie family & Friends

Sixth Photo: McKie family & Friends

Seventh Photo: McKie family & Friends

The Back Story: 

Much has been said and wrote about the late great Anthony “Goober” Scheidel.  His following and his folk like status as a traveling racer always on a limited budget made Goober a fan favorite up and down the East Coast wherever He showed up, and He showed up just about everywhere.

Second Photo: Dickie McKie sent in pictures of his late Buddy Goober Schiedel,  who needs no introduction on this site, or any other in the Northeast for that matter.  It’s August of 1986, and Goober is getting ready to take a trip around C.J. Richards speedway aboard this “obscure” (Dickie’s words, not mine) 00 ran briefly.

Third Photo: Goober stops by Steve Bosley’s L&R Speedshop on Rt.9, about a half mile or so before the speedway, as many will remember.  2 questions come up while looking at this picture;

1.     What was Ackner doing there?, stealing secrets, and…

2.     Was gas ever really .89 cents a gallon?

Fourth Photo: Here we are still at Bosley’s shop, and Steve’s got the grain scales out for Goober to work with to find a good set up for the girl.  Goober is discussing those set up ideas with Wayne Johnson, kneeling to his right,  or Goob is asking Wayne where he put his can of Coke.  Overlooking things are Al Shakespeare to the right, along with Goober’s wife, Esther.

Fifth Photo: I don’t exactly remembered for having great looking equipment, but this beautiful coupe has changed my opinion, as this is one fine looking piece Goober put together.

Sixth Photo: Charging the battery, and the 111 is ready to go and rumble in an era with some of the best the Valley has ever seen.

Seventh Photo: Here’s a picture of Goober, relaxing on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard off the Cape, with our fearless photographer.  Apparently after a few of those Molson’s,  while shucking a dozen or so ears of corn,  Goober took the husks of the ears and fabricated himself some hair extensions.  Look closely, & It indeed does look real Mr. McKie!




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