Year:  1982 and 1985
Driver:   Guy Tompkins
Photo Contributed by:

Top Photo: Mitch Poole

Second Photo: Mitch Poole

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Photo: The car that started it all for Guy Tompkins, who purchased this ride from Harry Behrent, who kept the #3, and ended up using that digit throughout the rest of his career.

Second Photo: Guy changed his number from 3t to GT3, I believe because of sponsorship from Budweiser dist. G.T. Britts. Suppose it could have stood for his initials too. Whatever the reason for the GT, Guy certainly didnt disappoint his sponsors with this real beauty, as Guy was always known for having some really good running and looking 358s and modifieds.


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