Year:  1984, 1979
Driver:   Mike Malloy, Matt Bahre, Russ Blake, Ricky Wright, ???, Barry Cone, ???
Photo Contributed by:   Big Pete Photo Credits:  Big Pete
The Back Story: 

Top: Turn 2 heat race action between Mike Malloy in the Troyer #88, numbered after the 88th Troyer Chassis ever fabricated, Matt Bahre in the famous  family owned #24’s, Blake in the Blake Filkins #47 and Ricky in the Wright Bros. #14.

Second: Picture is a little  blurry, but I dig this stuff.  Who remembers the cars coming out of the center of the pits enter the speedway, & no trailers allowed in the pits (too many cars).  Not only are the pits full, but you can cleary see, even though it’s still early in the night, the bleachers are full all the way to the bottom, and you can almost hear Uncle Art shouting, “Here come the Modifieds”

Anyone with a clue know who that #7 is?



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