Year:  Top, 1980 Second, Late 80's, Third 1978 Fourth Early 70's, Fifth 1982
Driver:   Hector Stratton


Photo Contributed by:  

Top: LV Vault

Second Joe and Leslie Friscia

Third: Dave Healey

Fourth: Mitch Lester

Fifth: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top: John Libby

Second: Unknown

Third: Dave Healey

Fourth: Ely Photos

Fifth: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story: 

Top: Hector could get You out of your seats back in the day.  Always remembering how Uncle Art used to hype how Hector could pull off the “Slide for Life” better than anybody.  After defecting to run with the CVRA for almost 20 years, Hector has come home and had a successful Valley career in the Big Blocks, recording a few wins.

Second: Here’s a shot of Hector Stratton back when he was running the C.J. Richards CVRA circuit.

Third: Hector looks ready for the season in the old Peanut Pierce owned, Claude Hoard driven vega, a car that, surprise surprise, Claude had a lot of success in.

Fourth: This picture is living proof of just how long Hector Stratton has been at this game.

Fifth: This always fast but undependable Sands & Lavoy  #17 was I believe Hector Stratton’s first Big Block ride, and they tried their hand at the Moody Mile in 1982.

*Hector timed at 35.590 (91st of 145) and Did not qualify for Schaefer 200.


*Thanks John Gallant for the information.


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