Year:  Top: 1954, Second: 1960?, Third and Fourth: 1954.
Driver:   Henry Bouchard

Photo Contributed by:  

Top: Russ Blake

Second: Janet Carr

Third: Russ Blake

Fourth: Joe McCarty


Photo Credits:  

Top: Unknown

Second: Unknown

Third: Some Amateur

Fourth: Tom McCarty

The Back Story:


Henry was Lebanon Valley's first champion in 1953.



Top: Hereís the J 5 that won a ton of races in the mid- 50ís.


 It was a Hudson hornet. The car was originally a 4 door sedan, for reasons unknown, it was made into a




It wasn't because they couldn't find a coupe, Henry had just started a junk yard in Lebanon Valley right on


Route 20; one that would turn into one of Hudson Valleys largest .  Thatís Bo Greensí SQUARE  0  on the


left....and the 1952 olds 88 of Gene Dayou,  which was an over head V-8 at a time when everything else was


flatheads.  In a case when no matter how much things change, the more they stay the same, they just


couldn't hook it up...remember back then most tracks were oiled


Henry and Warney Carr were known to race Friday, Saturday, Sunday afternoon and night.


And Warney used to flat tow......Think about that for a minute. Of course Henry had a 2 wheel trailer. He was


big time.....



Second Photo: Henry was Lebanon Valley's first champion in 1953 and the supplier of many cars that raced


at Lebanon Valley.


Henry ran an auto salvage yard on Route 20 east of the race track and he may have driven his race car to the


track this night. It appears to be a 1960 inspection sticker on the windshield. Did I say windshield? Yup,


that's a windshield. You didn't need goggles in those days.


Henry's shirt is embroidered "Bouchard's Ford Parts".


Thanks Janet.



Third: Henry Bouchard J5...Stateline Speedway about 1953. This car was a Hudson Terraplane.



Fourth and Fifth:  I wanted to pass along this color photo of the Henry Bouchard J-5 .†† My Dad, Tom


McCarty, was one of the "Barrington Racing Associates" team that ran the Link Pettit 200 car at Lebanon


Valley Speedway back in the '60's.†† My Dad took this picture at Burden Lake around 1954.†††† He had a short


racing career before becoming an car owner of the 200 car and finally with the 38 car at LV,both of which


were driven by Link Sr.††††


Anyway,I know Bouchard ran the J-5 at Lebanon early in the track's history and thought the LVC crowd


would like to see a color photo.†† The photo was recently converted from slide film, so that is why the color


is so good.††† Hard to believe this was taken nearly 60 years ago.



Joe McCarty



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