Year:  1994
Driver:   Hotrod
Photo Contributed by:   Hotrod Photo Credits:   Hotrod
The Back Story:

Forget ESPN, they aint got half the technology we have at our disposal here at LVC.Weíve told you that money is not an object with the staff at LVC, mainly because we donít have any, so we canít buy objects.This picture was taken at top speed down the backstretch of LV during hot laps with a high tech Brooks Pharmacy disposable camera nylon tied to the roll cage.Yup, thatís right, we could afford to go ahead and put an expensive $6 camera into harms way for the betterment of LVC.

Honestly, I bet FOX or ABC couldnít touch that type of high tech production, really, do you honestly think they could ever touch that kind of technological advancements?


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