Year:  1963 1965 1966 1968 1968 1970 1972 1978
Driver:   Jack "The Flying Judge" Farquhar
Photos Contributed by:    Jack Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story: 

Top: Jack in his very first ride in a car that came out of Amsterdam, NY

Second:  The picture says it all.

Third: The one you never forget, Jack’s first “W” at Victoria Speedway in NY.

Fourth: The 22 Crew.

Fifth: Jack scores his first career win at Lebanon Valley on August 10th, 1968, a 35 lapper on Marsh Hallman Night.

Sixth: Jack in the John Laporte owner #63.

Seventh: Jack collects the hardware from Marty Beberwyk on May 27th, 1972, the last time Jack visited victory lane at Lebanon Valley.

I asked Jack a little bit about his career, what he’s been up to, and exactly how he got the nickname, “the Flying Judge” to begin with, and here are Jack words:

I was employed at Planters LifeSavers Company for 38 years, retiring in 1993 from a Maintenance Supervisor's position.


I presently serve as Town Justice, have since 1998 in the Town of Northampton, Northville, NY. I've been a Judge for 27 years. I was a Town Justice, aka: Judge, in the Town of Ephratah when My crew put the "The Flying Judge" on the #2NY aka #22, unknown to me until I arrived at Lebanon Valley to race that night.


I am serving as EMS Chief in Northampton Ambulance Service of Northville, NY and ride the ambulance as AEMT-CC (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician - Critical Care).

I am an Active Member of the Northville Fire Department. I've served as a Volunteer Firefighter since May 21, 1956.

Life’s been a great ride so far. Even if I did spend 16 years going around in circles on various tracks of the Great Northeast.

My first ride was the # 685 out of Amsterdam, NY in 1963.


Thanks for keeping racing history alive and well.


Jack Farquhar


Eighth: Jack and his familiar #2


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