Year:  1982
Driver:   Joby Sour
Photo Contributed by: Brian Berger Photo Credits: Unknown
The Back Story: 

Mystery Driver #20

I can personally say I don’t know too much about Joby Sour, other than He was a Tremont family friend, still is to this day, and was a serious contender for the Edelbrock Modified rookie of the year honors in 1982.  That is until what unfortunately most remember Joby for.  His vicious end over end flip down the frontstretch on an original start for that evening modified heat race.  Joby physically survived the wreck, albeit I’m sure a few sore spots, but to my knowledge, He never strapped himself into a dirt modified again.

I scanned the DIRT rookie points from August of ’82 to prove just how successful and well he was doing in the ROY points.  This marks probably the point where Joby had already “retired”, as he wasn’t in any of the LV results in the program that I scanned from Mid-August.



Additional Comments:  

Correct answers:

Bobby Chalmers, Mike Visconti, John Harper (great to hear from the former handicapper),
Bert Poland, our trustworthy LVC visitor
and Arnie Ainsworth.



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