Year:  After 1956, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth 1961ish
Driver:   Smokey Joe Saldo
Photos Contributed by:

Top Photo: Ed Forfa

Second Photo: John Marchisio

Third Photo: John Marchisio

Fourth Photo: John Marchisio

Fifth Photo: John Marchisio

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: God Only Knows

Second Photo: Unknown

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Photo: Ed Forfa sent in this unique Smokey artifact from back in the late 50's.  This is actually a picture of a pin made up for Smokey Joe, and as Ed adds, they must have had fan clubs even back then for drivers of Lebanon Valley.

Worth noting, Ed also brought up that Joe is doing fine, & is still working at 81 years young in Pittsfield, MA for John Marchisio Trucking!  Guess Joe still has a lot of “Smoke” in the fire.  OK, sorry, I’ll never do that again.

Possibly the original "Smoke". That is to say, before Tony Stewart.

In 1961, Pittsfield Massachusetts turned 200 and as a tribute, many grew beards and were known as "The Bearded Brothers of Berkshire". This motley looking crew were definitely part of that movement.

The owner and head mechanic was none other than Biagio Albertazzi. Or as some may remember, "Rollover Biagio". The entire crew had shots at driving the cars Biagio owned and built. The 02, the U2 and the Me2. In a recent conversation with Smokey, he tells me that they only built the cars for the next race. They were not in any points battle, just a Saturday night out.

Biagio had a hard time keeping the cars he drove on their wheels. It seems the fourth turn had something wrong with it because whenever Biagio tried to negotiate turn four, the cars would jump the wall and then head to Albany. Not hit the wall, but clear it by many feet.

Second Photo: A team shot of Smokey Joe, John Marchisio, Biagio Albertazzi and Biagio's son, Reno Albertazzi.

Third Photo: Smoke and John posing with the new shake screen?

Fourth Photo: John, Biagio and Smoke. Bearded Brothers of Berkshire.

Fifth Photo: Smokey and John working on a straight 6 in the yard. I am told that the button on Smokey's hat is commemorating the Pittsfield Massachusetts Bicentennial 1961, dating many of the photos.


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