Year:  1986-ish
Driver:   Joe Sinopoli Jr.
Photo Contributed by:   Chalmitty B Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story: 

Our first mystery driver of the week is none other than Joe Sinoploi Jr, out of Lanesboro MA.  Joe tried his hand at the street stock Big Block class back in the mid 80’s with this super fast Cuda ride. From what I remember about all Plymouth/Dodge cars, those 440 big blocks were lightning fast, just be afraid of crashing them, as the stock factory frames weren’t exactly rock solid. 

Joe still lives in Lanesboro, and has a successful business he owns and operates, “American Excavation & Foundations “.  Joe cut his teeth working for his father, Joe Sinopoli Sr., who many know from owning/operating Sinopoli Construction out of Lanesboro MA for decades.


Additional Comments:  

Chris Mervine had it figured out.


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