Year:  First and Second 1991, Third 1981
Driver:   John Flach
Photo Contributed by:

Top Photo: Joe and Leslie Friscia

Second Photo: Doug Olds

Third Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:

Top Photo: Joe and Leslie Friscia

Second Photo: Kustom Keepsakes

Third Photo: John Gallant Jr.

The Back Story:

Top Photo: 2nd generation and multi time modified point titlist John Flach talks over the upcoming racing season with crew chief Jocko while admiring the gorgeous creation that they have assembled for the upcoming 1991 racing season.Patriotism was running high in March of 1991 when this shot was taken, as the Gulf war had gotten underway, and race teams were out to support the troops and America.I remember this weekend well, as it was over the span of the three day show that Iraq had surrendered to the US troops, I guess somewhat ending the Iraqi desert storm war, though it never did seem to end.

Second Photo and Mystery Driver #43:My gut feeling, and trust me, itís a big gut, is that this picture is from June of 1991, John Flachís final victory at Lebanon Valley.

This car was, as many correctly stated, owned by local car dealer and long time supporter of LV Bryan Goewey, who is standing next to John in victory lane.The car was sponsored by WTEN channel 10 out of Albany N.Y., in an arrangement Iím sure Bryan made with 10 to trade race car sponsorship in return for TV ads.

Third Photo:  Johnís first ride, and standing behind the car is none other than Louie Searing and longtime Valley GM, Hertha Beberwyk.


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