Year:  Top Photo, 19?? Second Photo,1966 or so. Third 1968
Driver:   Karl Haeussel
Photo Contributed by: 

Top Photo: Lincoln

Second Photo: Gary Miron

Third Photo: Bob Ely

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Chuck Ely

Second Photo: Gary Miron's awesome Poleroid.

Third Photo: Ely Photos

The Back Story:

Former LV point Champ Karl Haeussel prepares for another Feature at the valley.

Second Photo: Karl hated packing the track in, as hes doing in this timeless shot, as it got the car all messy. I took this from the stands with my Polaroid and it wasn`t 15 minutes before when the old White water truck went around and liquidated the surface. Im guessing around 66 or so, he always threw-up before the race and then would go and kick butt. He was great to watch and what great times we had at "The Valley".

Thanks for the great job, how many great memories we had there. I now live in NC and miss the good old days at LV. Keep up the great work, Gare.

Third Photo: 1965 and 66 modified points champ Karl Haeussel is muddy and ready to run a Sunday open show aboard his Corvair bodied #900.


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We here at LVC cant thank you enough Gary for supplying us with these truly timeless treasures, and adding in the great back stories to the photos. It is contributions like yours to LVC that make the site so great and worth visiting often, as without people like you, wed have no site!


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