Year:  1973?
Driver:   Ken Reddick
Photo Contributed by:  Charlie Parise Photo Credits:  Jane Parise
The Back Story: 

Mystery Driver #70 *Ken Reddick was a school teacher by day who taught engine building to his budding automotive fanatic students, and was a Limited Sportsman racer by night.  Coming down  from the “Alps” on Rt. 43 in New York every Saturday night to race his home made creations (weren’t they all back then?), while never a big winner, Ken was certainly competitive in his hand crafted machines.

Ken later built his own box frame Vega station wagon bodied mod, ran that a couple of years, and walked away from the sport.  It is rumored that Ken was helping out on a friends Pro-Stock as recently as a year or two ago.


*Special thanks to Bill Chuckta for the information on Ken Reddick’s career.


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