Year:  1980
Drivers:   Lebanon Valley Speedway Points Banquet
Photo Contributed by:  Hotrod Photo Credits:  Matt Buda/LV Program, Dirt Trackin’ Magazine
The Back Story: 

The annual points banquet at the Lebanon Valley Clubhouse awarding honoring the 1979 top point getters and other various awards in the spring of 1980.

How appropriate that Mystery Driver Quiz #79 was to guess all of the drivers in this group of photos

taken by Matt Buda at the 1980 points banquet for the 1979 season.

Ken Tremont Sr

Howie Commander

Shorty LeClair

Uncle Art Stuarts

Glenn Donnelly

Bob Duzlak Sr.

Marty Bebrwyk

Garry Waters

Howie Commander

Barry Cone

Butch Jelly

Marty Bebrwyk

“Goober” Scheidel

Russ Blake

Bob Gaskill

Boomer Bedell

Uncle Art Stuarts

Dickie Larkin

Dave Mouthrop

Tommy Corellis

Bob Hackel




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