Year:  19
Driver:   Larry Turner
Photo Contributed by:  Lincoln Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story: 

The Turner family has a long history at Lebanon Valley. Larry, his father George, and his son Gary, all drove at the Valley. Larry is a driving force behind the many cars and drivers hailing from Hinsdale Massachusetts. His garage was home to his racing entry's and was the place everyone came for advice and experience. He was always glad to show these up and coming racers the proper procedure for lifting tool boxes and spare tires and properly load them into the trailer for Saturday night.

Kidding aside, Larry is an experienced mechanical genius that many use for advice.

He has been the Hinsdale Massachusetts Fire Chief for many years and a highly respected citizen.

A real hero.

OK. Back to kidding.

The last photo is the real driving force for Larry. Not Cathy, Bill Cosby. I don't think Larry could have done any of this without him.


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