Year:  1954 @ Lebanon Valley Speedway
Driver:   Lennie Noreen
Photo Contributed by:   Russ Blake Photo Credits:   Russ Blake
The Back Story: 

Lennie Noreen ran mostly Burden Lake and Rt. 66 Speedways in the mid 50s with usually a yellow and black 34 ford coupe. He did win occasionally, and was a  top runner at the two tracks, Although he did race Lebanon  once in a while.   All 3 tracks ran Sunday’s in the mid mid summer Rt. 66 switched to Friday and Sunday nights.

This made it easy for a lot of drivers to race both tracks.  Most did race twice on Sundays. Lennie was one of the drivers who raced 4 nights a weekend.

Lennie raced until the very early 60s.

There used to be a picture of Len in the Lebanon Valley Clubhouse. He had shortened his number to 26 by the end of the 50s.


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