Year:  1987
Driver:   Lenny Fields
Photo Contributed by:  

Lenny Fields Jr.

Photo Credits:   Unknown
The Back Story: 

Mystery Driver #16

Lenny Fields Jr. sent in this picture of his father on the high banks of Lebanon Valley back in 1987.  Lenny, from Pittsfield, MA,  had a step-son, Paul Procopio, who also competed at LV in a #158, winning a few features in his day.  Lenny, who owned and operated a successful transmission repair business was always there to help a competitor if he needed it, he was just that way.

Sadly, Lenny passed away in July of ’87, just a few short weeks after this picture was taken.

Lenny’s son, Lenny Jr., is now a regular competitor each week on the high banks of Lebanon Valley.


Additional Comments:  Doug Olds, Stephen Forward and Dave Olds Jr. were the ones that sent the correct answer/


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