Year:  Top Three Photos:1963, Article: 1962, Fourth Photo: 1963 Fifth Photo 1962.
Driver:   Link Pettit and Bill Armstrong
Photos Contributed by:  

Top Three Joe Grossetti

Newspaper Article: Joe Grossetti

Fifth Photo: Bob Simpson

Sixth Photo: Joe Grossatti

Seventh Photo: Joe McCarty

Eighth Photo: Joe McCarty

Ninth: Grossetti Family

Tenth: Grossetti Family

Eleventh:  Grossetti Family


Photo Credits:  

Top Three: Marion Grossetti

Article Credit: The Berkshire Eagle

Fifth Photo: Unknown

Sixth Photo: Momma Grossetti

Seventh Photo: Unknown

Eighth Photo: Unknown

Ninth: Grossetti Family

Tenth: Grossetti Family

Eleventh:  Grossetti Family


The Back Story: 

We have been looking for Link Pettit material. Joe sent these historic photos that were taken by his mom, Marion.

Joe's father was Primo Grossetti who was a partner in the Barrington Racing Associates.

The Barrington Racing Associates were: 

From left to right in photo 3

Dr. Thomas Gilligan
Bill Winn
Mario Morelli
Paul Larkin
Primo Grossetti
Dr. John Hassett (missing in this photo)


They owned the 200 car from 1961 - 1965.  The ring leader of that group was Paul Larkin of Gt. Barrington.   When the group disbanded in '65/'66, I believe Paul Larkin bought out the other owners, and joined up with Mac McDermott and they ran the #2 car for I'm guessing 2 or 3 years. 

For much of the 200's 5 year run, it was garaged at the McCarty residence in Gt. Barrington, Mass.  (State Road, Rte 23. about a mile East of Belcher Square)

The second photo and the Article photo were taken at McCarty's garage.

Thanks Joe, a great contribution.

Fifth Photo: Sent to us by Bob Simpson, is a photo of Bill Armstrong with the 200 in the background. Colors are reversed and the lettering style are the same. Team Cars? More than likely the beginnings of the McDermott 2's.

Sixth Photo: This motley group, the “Barrington Racing Associates”, or BRA, were from left to right:

Mario Morelli, Primo Grossetti (Joe’s Dad), driver Link Pettit, starter Ted Ryan, Tom McCarty, and Paul Larkin.

Thanks Joe, another great contribution.

Seventh Photo: Joe wrote and sent in this picture with his father #38 McCarty Racing #38 with hotshoe Link petit behind the wheel.  Link pretty much finished out his career with Tom McCarty and the 38 team, recording this win in 1965 which was believed to be Link’s final LV victory.


Eighth and Ninth Photos: And we’ve added a couple extra picture of Link with the McCarty clan, Tommy and Tom.

Tenth Photo:  Nice color shot of the 200, and Primo Grossetti’s LV Pit Pass circa 1964.




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