Year:  Top-1977 ( My guess) Second 19?? Third Early 80's Fourth 1981 Fifth Photo: Not a Clue
Driver:   Lou Searing
Photos Contributed by:    

Top Photo: Scott Kurtzner

Second Photo: Bobby Ely

Third Photo: Chalmitty B

Fourth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Fifth Photo: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:    

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Chuck Ely Photos

Third Photo: Unknown

Fourth Photo: Steve Lloyd

Fifth Photo: Unknown

The Back Story:

Top Photo:

Mystery Driver # 19

If my memory serves me right, this may be 1977, and always running with a tight budget Lou is still competing with this great looking coupe even though the Gremlins, Pintoís and Vegaís have taken a strong hold on the racing scene by now.


Second Photo:

Lou Searing of the famed Oak Hill Ridgerunners clan poses next to this unknown (for Me, can use some help here) #178.  We all remember the night Lou was seriously injured in a frontstretch crash on a restart back in 1984 driving the triple 0 car.  Lou recovered, and still attends the races today frequently, itís always a pleasure to see Louís smiling face.


Third Photo:

Lou Searing and his popular #27 ďSmurf MobileĒ.


Fourth Photo:

I have a feeling this picture of Lou Searing was taken in 1981.I know for a fact it wasnít 1980 (I have a 1980 LV program w/ Lou on the cover, same car, different paint scheme), so it leads me to 81, and not í79 or earlier.Can I be wrong?Does Miss LVC sweat Ring Dings?


Fifth Photo: Lou Searing in the #64.I donít know how it went, I donít know who owned, but I do know, I like it!This is what a race car should look like.

Additional Comments:  

Those who contributed the correct answer to the Mystery Driver were: Steve Fifield, who told us "with no help from Mom"
Arnie Ainsworth, Denny Young, Joe Grossetti and Marilyn Fifield.

Now Marilyn Fifield told us her and her son Steve got it correct. Somebody is lying to us!
Moms don't lie, do they?


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