Year:  All 196?
Driver:   Luke Scanlon Sr.
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 Luke Scanlon Jr.

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The Back Story:

Photo 1 and 2

Like many drivers from back in the day, one night they are racing asphalt, the next dirt.Luke Scanlon Sr. was no different, and by the looks of it, he may have wished he stuck with dirt on this particular day.This bad looking accident happened at the Eastern States expo track in West Springfield, MA.As Luke pointed out in the pictures, it seems Luke Sr. used a universal set up for dirt and asphalt back then, as the grooved tires suggest.Maybe Luke Jr. can answer the question better, but not sure what happened with Srís racing efforts after this day, however, it looks like this car saw itís last racing action, dirt or asphalt.

Photo 3:

A real nice color shot of Lukeís #348. We originally thought that the color was green. After we ran it through the car wash a few times, we found that Luke Jr. was right. It is Navy Blue. Thanks Luke.

Photo 4:

Luke Scanlon added this fantastic shot of his Dad preparing for the nights activities at the intimidating high banks of LV from sometime in the 60ís.Luke made the long tow from Northampton, MA to apply his trade at the 5/8ths mile speedway that is Lebanon, passing The now defunct Riverside Speedway on his way.


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