Year:  1985? 1988, 1991, Early 90's, 1989
Driver:   Matt Quinn
Photo Contributed by:  

Top Photo: Chalmitty B

Second Photo: Doug Olds

Third Photo: Hot Rod Photography Studioís Emporium, Inc

Fourth Photo: Chalmitty B

Fifth Photo: Hot Rod

Photo Credits:  

Top Photo: Unknown

Second Photo: Doug Olds

Third Photo: The Hot Rod

Fourth Photo: Unknown

Fifth Photo: Hot Rod

The Back Story:

Matt Quinn may have been accused of a lot of things, but one that nobody can argue was that the young man always had his foot deep into the carburetor of any car he ever drove and was as exciting as they come behind the wheel of a car at LV.Guy Tompkins in his 3 car, and Skippy Fox in a former Tompkins car give chase to Quinn in his family owned 31.

Second Photo: A youthful Matt Quinn is the calm before the storm in this picture from what one would assume is the LV 200, evidenced by the presence of Canadian runner Robert Ranger in the background (#397).One could argue this could be a Super Dirt series race, but other than Joe Plazek, I donít recall too many Canadians traveling down for the midweek shows.

Third Photo: Matt readies to hit the mile in this picture Iím guessing is from around í91 in the Randy Ross #44.

Fourth Photo: Looks to be the midweek Syracuse qualifier, and Matt Quinn and the formidable Randy Ross #44 is ready for the nights showdown.

Matt currently works as the General Manager at Bedard Brothers auto dealerships in Cheshire MA. Stop in and buy a car.

Fifth Photo: After much success with Bryan Goewey at the Moody Mile, Randy Ross turned to Matt Quinn to pilot the #44 at the mile back in 1989.



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