Year:  1991
Driver:   Mike Radwich
Photo Contributed by:   Olds Family Photo Photo Credits:   Track Photo
The Back Story: 

Mike was a racer in the early 90's that won the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission award after being hurt while saving the life of a co-worker at the gravel processing plant where they worked. While repairing an 80 foot tall grinder, Scott Pierce got his shirt wrapped around a shaft that started pulling Scott into the grinder. The emergency shutoff was at ground level and Mike grabbed Scott and worked feverishly to keep him from losing his arm or worse. A third man on the ground heard them yelling "turn it off" and did. Scott's arm was injured and Mike's thumb was nearly severed but after surgery and extended therapy, both regained the use of their associated parts.


Additional Comments:

Hotrod found this National Enquirer article in the Vault.


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