Year:  June 6th, 1959
Driver:   Crashed by Warney Carr, Earl Nimmonds or Doc Gray
Photo Contributed by: Kenny Boisvert Photo Credits: Ray Williams
The Back Story:

The Hudson owned by Bernie Manzollini and Ozzie Phillips is in the process of having a very bad night. On this night, the car is probably driven by Warney Carr or Earl Nimmonds, or quite possibly even being crashed by Doc Gray.

Somebody is going to have to own up to it.

This car was one of the last 6 cylinder Hudsonís to race at the Valley. For years, Hudsonís had a tremendous advantage. The rules back then were show stock, run it the way it came off the showroom floor. Hudsonís had two carburetors and aluminum heads, from the factory, AND were 308 cubic wonder Henri Bouchard was unbeatable in the early 50s in his Hudson Hornet.

Note the lack of the high banks. This was taken before the speedway got the facelift that we are all familiar with now. This was before boiler plate too. As you could imagine the wooden boards launched more than one competitor "out of the ball park" on a weekly basis.Good Times, Good Times.


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