Year:  1976, Late 70's, 1980, 1980
Driver:   Pat Sweeney
Photo Contributed by:  

Top: LV Program

Second: Steve Lloyd

Third: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Fourth: Larry Faulkner Jr.

Photo Credits: 

Top: Unknown

Second: Unknown

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top: Mystery Driver #53 is none other than Berlin NY native Pat Sweeney shown above in his super cool sportsman #1 coupe that he ran for Skip Grant. Pat purchased the coupe and ran the #1 for one year before changing the number to the 158. We had some LVC regulars inform us that Pat is still in Berlin running his own logging/excavating & construction business, and is said to still have this original coupe and the Troyer #158 pinto that he ran after the coupe.  Now that would be something to see on LVC!

Those who correctly identified the "super nice guy", as we were told, Pat Sweeney correctly were: 
Mike Visconti
Tar Heel Tim Mooney
Arnie Ainsworth

Second: This would have been a great MD for us, but we already used Pat, and we can only go to the well so many times.  This is the car I most associate Pat with.

Third: Another fine summer day at Lebanon Valley….NOT.  Must be warm-ups or something as the #140 crew looks ready to finish up and go Snowmobiling.
I’m going to guess the #11A in the background is Billy Kelm.

Fourth: The #140 crew setting up their pit area and relaxing before the start of the night’s activities.  The 140 crew consisted of Don Mean, who went on to become an LV tower official for multiple years.  The #140 car was previously steered by (and many are most familiar with) Larry Faulkner, who had recently lost his life in a tragic highway accident.  The team reached out to friend Pat Sweeney to take over the driving duties.


Additional Comments:   Our thanks to Tim Mooney and especially Mike Visconti for helping us with the info on Pat and what he’s up to these days.


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