Year:  197?
Driver:   Ray Palmer
Photo Contributed by:   Bobby Ely Photo Credits:   Chuck Ely
The Back Story: 

I’ll admit I wasn’t around when this picture was taken of Ray Palmer, and I don’t really know much of his background.  But what I like is what’s in the picture and what’s going on in the background.  First of all, I know this was the late 60’s, or early 70’s, but it looks like Ray Palmer went a little too heavy with the hair grease.  Can’t tell if he’s a Jett or a Shark.

In the background, you got Howie laying down the juice on the business end of the old Water Wagon.  Running them Water Wagons around the high banks back then would qualify as a stunt on Fear factor today.

And I see the “Custom Wheels” truck is doing a brisk business.  Could that be the same “Custom Wheels” operation as the one run by Nick Shuman back in the 80’s and 90’s?  Is He still doing that today?


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