Year:  Top 1973? Third: 1973 Fourth: 1973
Driver:   Racin' Ray Vanasse
Contributed by:

Top Two: Bobby Ely

Third: Luke Scanlon

Fourth: Luke Scanlon

Fifth: John Gallant Jr.

Photo Credits:  

Top Two: Ely Photos

Third: Unknown

Fourth: Unknown

Fifth: Unknown

The Back Story: 

Top Two: 

One of the most competitive and best looking cars to ever grace the banks of LV doesn’t necessarily have to be an open wheel car or compete in the top division, as this Mini-stock piece from central Massachusetts proved.

Racin’ Ray Vanasse gorgeous 33 mini took the LV mini stock class by storm in the early 70’s, claiming many wins and threatened Bobby Hackel for dominance in the very sport Hackel helped create. 

Anyone with color photos or the whereabouts of Racin Ray would be greatly appreciated.  If you have any pics/info, please e-mail


We asked, and we received, as Luke Scanlon was kind enough to send in a color photo of Racin’ Ray Vanasse ultra cool 33 Mini.  Seems as if Luke’s Dad, a former racer himself at LV in the sportsman division in the 60’s, was a friend of Ray’s and thus had the hardware we so wanted.  Luke said the family has lost touch with Ray, but if by some chance their paths cross, he’ll fill us in on what’s going on with Ray.


Luke was generous enough to send in this picture of Racin’ Ray (Bald stud in plaid jacket) and two other “characters”.   Curious picture as the background foliage suggests an autumn picture, but the paint on the car looks springtime fresh? In fact, Ray's foliage has mostly fallen.

Thanks for the treasures Luke, we appreciate it.


Fifth:  Mini stock champion Ray Vanasse moved up into the LV sportsman division with this nice looking pinto bodied mod, but I’m not sure of what his success was.  He had a lot of success though at presenting some beautiful equipment.



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